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Result overview

Once the simulation is done, results will be processed and opened in a separate window. CENOS Antenna Design app offers different ways and tools to analyze your antenna design.

In this section we will go over the default result evaluation layout for antenna simulation results.

Watch a short video on how to evaluate results in CENOS Antenna Design app:

Results video


To analyze your antenna simulation, you have 3 different tools for that:

  • ParaView (visual results)
  • Spreadsheet (easy for result analysis in Excel)
  • PDF (simulation report generation)

You can access these directly through CENOS Desk view under Visualization block.

Result selection


When the simulation is finished, a new ParaView window will open with processed results.

3D View#

In the 3D View tab you can see your antenna with Electric field visualized on the right, together with the Radiation pattern visualized on the left.


Frequency range#

If you calculated your design using frequency sweep, you can visualize results for different frequencies by selecting the frequency of interest.


Radiation pattern#

You can analyze the radiation pattern by switching to Radiation patterns tab.

Radiation pattern

Here you can find radiation patterns displayed in cartesian and polar coordinates.


S11 and other charts#

To analyze parameters such as S11, VSWR, Impedance, Resistance, Reactance and Applied Power, switch to S11 and other charts tab.

S11 and other parameters



For S11 and other charts you can set a custom frequency range at the bottom left part of the window, in the properties:



CENOS Antenna Design outputs a .csv file with all of the global values such as S11, VSWR, and many more. You can open this in Excel, for example, where you can then plot, compare and analyze the results however you wish.


PDF Reports#

A very useful feature for reports is CENOS built-in PDF report generator. With this tool you can generate a PDF file with your simulation setup and result overview, which you can easily share with others!