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Geometry overview

In CENOS RF 2.0 there are multiple ways available for antenna geometry creation - Templates, Import CAD and Geometry editor.

In this section we will take a look at the general layout and workflow of the geometry setup in CENOS Radio Frequency app.


Depending on your geometry approach, you will need to follow one of the workflows to prepare your geometry for physics setup (and essentially for simulation itself).


To choose the appropriate geometry creation approach, click on the respective block.


Templates is the easiest way to define geometry. Just select Templates, enter the geometrical properties of your antenna, and you are good to go!

In Templates geometry and mesh is being generated automatically, and it can be used to very quickly set up a simulation for Patch or Dipole antenna!


Import CAD

Import CAD approach is useful when you have already created CAD of your antenna. Simply click on the folder icon, select your CAD file, and it will be automatically imported in CENOS, where you will be able to process it!



Geometry editor

If you want to create your own geometries in CENOS, then Geometry editor is the approach for you! Just select this approach, and our built-in geometry editor will automatically open, enabling you to create any antenna you want!