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Release notes

v1.1.0 (April 20, 2021)#

  • Multiple processor cores will be used in simulation. Custom settings added to select threads and processor architecture. (Professional subscription)
  • Direct support chat built into application. (Professional subscription)
  • PCB flattening tool added to FreeCAD.
  • KiCAD integration into FreeCAD.
  • Fixed display of multi-frequency simulation in PDF results.
  • FreeCAD component library updated.
  • Terms & Conditions updated removing some restrictions (Section 6). Now, no issue to use the software for design of such things as medical equipment, e-cigaretes and military/governmental projects.

v1.0.2 (April 6, 2021)#

  • ParaView updated to version 5.9, which solves crashing issues.
  • First time hints can be reenabled in settings.
  • Meshing is not blocking UI in FreeCAD.
  • Meshing improvements in FreeCAD.
  • STL files are explicitly not supported as CAD input.
  • Added "Extract face/edge" tool in FreeCAD.

v1.0.1 (March 26, 2021)#


  • Added ParaView log file, to improve future investigations.
  • Added aspect ratio check when filling the form in a template.
  • Allow space and dot in the case folder path.
  • Disallow to run calculation, if port is not defined.
  • Better automatic mesh size algorithm.
  • Clearer meshing error messages.

Bug fixes#

  • Far field not created, if air box is small.
  • Version update pop-up opens Windows Explorer, not the default browser.
  • Hints stay visible over the third party installation settings and other modal windows.
  • Meshing problems with certain mesh sizing.
  • Misalignment of SWR and S11.
  • Error when re-importing modified STEP model.
  • Website spelling mistakes.
  • Automatic determination of uniform port failed for imperfect conductor.
  • Kernel crash if entered invalid input data in a template.