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Installation & Open-source FAQ

Can I install CENOS Radio Frequency app on Windows 7?

  • No, CENOS AD app is built for usage on machines with Windows 10 only. Earlier versions (Win7&8) will not support it!

What is the blue screen during the installation?

  • Sometimes Windows Defender may ask your permission. Click More info and then Run anyway to install CENOS!

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Why do I need to install separately all open-source components?

  • Open-ource components are necessary for CENOS to run, however you don't need to install them manually - at the installation, click "Download automatically", and CENOS will do everything for you!

Can I install CENOS Radio Frequency app on virtual machine?

  • Generally there are no limitations for virtual machines, but we do not support them officially. When installing on virtual machines you need to be careful with GPU, as they can be outdated and not able to run ParaView (it must support OpenGL 3.3), which is a relatively large problem specific to virtual machines.

Why can't I run FreeCAD?

  • If you encounter problems with FreeCAD, double-check your installed version. CENOS supports only v0.19 - if you have installed FreeCAD separately, the version might be different and not compatible with CENOS.

Why ParaView with calculated results is not opening?

  • If you encounter problems with ParaView, check your graphics drivers and graphics card. Outdated graphics drivers can interfere with ParaView, as well as old graphics card (it must support OpenGL 3.3).

When I open CENOS, I see Kernel trying to connect and disconnecting continuously, and I can't use the app. What to do?

  • The most common reason for such Kernel error is local firewall/antivirus, which is blocking some part of CENOS. Check if you have all necessary antivirus exceptions in place!