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CENOS Radio Frequency Hardware requirements

You don’t need a supercomputer to run antenna design simulations with CENOS. Intel i5 or i7 (or similar) are good enough. The faster processor you have, the faster calculation will go.

We recommend to have at least 16 GB RAM to calculate 3D cases, 32 GB is better. Actually, the more RAM you have, the bigger (more complex) 3D geometries you can simulate. Some of our customers use 128 GB machines and that’s like for rocket-science-cases.

Hadware componentRequirements
GPUGraphics card that supports OpenGL 3.3
CPUIntel i5 or i7 (or similar) are good enough.
RAMMinimum 8GB RAM recommended for calculations
Disk space5 GB disk space required for program installation (3.5 GB third-party apps, 0.5 GB CENOS app). For calculation results 10GB of disk space per case is recommended; it will differ based on your geometry and settings